Past Presidents

Past Presidents: Leadership with Excellence

The first president, charter member, phenomenal leader and educator, Melanie Raiford-Griggs, “captured a vision fair” as she led a chapter of then 23 members to its current position of excellence in Sisterhood, Service and Scholarship.

Today, Chi Tau Omega celebrates the achieved past presidents, women of God, known for their fortitude, grace, and dignity. These amazing women continued to embrace the vision and build on the previous accomplishments of their visionary predecessors. Since then Chi Tau Omega has grown to over 100 members strong serving Newton/Rockdale counties and surrounding areas.

Honoring their legacy, we pay tribute to these pioneering women. Through their leadership Chi Tau Omega is the essence of the soul of our community. Our chapter continues to be blessed with enthusiastic membership and priceless support of the community. We love and thank them for their dedication and commitment to serve. Because of their leadership Chi Tau Omega creates positive change in communities that will develop a better world for generations to come.

1 green ivy leaf    Melanie Raiford-Griggs 2004-2006 *

1 green ivy leaf    Darlene Smith 2006-2010

1 green ivy leaf     Bresha Shaw-Franklin 2011-2014


 * Deceased